Dear customers! Unfortunately we have been hit by the shortage of skilled workers, you cannot order here at the moment.  We are looking for a future-oriented BMW motorcycle partner who is interested in the internet and would like to increase their sales. If you know someone, give us their contact details at [email protected] , we will reward you in case  the conclusion of the contract with a shopping voucher of 300 euros! Thank you Andreas Hoevel


Which side of the vehicle is the left side?

The vehicle is always seen in the direction of travel, so the left side is the driver's side.


Can an order also be placed by telephone?

No, orders can only be generated via the BMW-Moto shop. If you have any technical questions or questions about spare parts, please contact our BMW-Moto employees.
If you have any questions about the handling of the shop or technical problems, please contact the Administrator.

How quickly do we ship the goods?

We are supplied by the manufacturer twice a day. What is ordered until 10am, comes at 3pm, what is ordered until 6pm, comes overnight. The forwarder UPS picks up the packages at 4.30 pm and delivers them throughout Germany the next morning. This means that if you order until 9pm and pay (paypal), the goods arrive in 98% of all cases. Shipping requirements to DHL Pack Stations are shipped with DHL. Package size for packing stations minimum 15 * 11 * 1 cm, maximum 60 * 35 * 35 cm. UPS does not deliver on Saturdays.


How does delivery work?

Immediately after ordering, you will receive a confirmation email to check, another email that your payment has been received, another order confirmation email as soon as we have received a binding delivery promise from the manufacturer and another email with the tracking code when your package has been handed over to the sender . Package size for packing stations minimum 15*11*1 cm, maximum 60*35*35 cm.

Can replacement keys also be ordered?

Yes, we need a copy of the customer's identity card and a copy of the vehicle registration document to fax  +49 761 45253-25 or by pdf via the Contact form.

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