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unfortunately the cooperation with the previous catalog provider has been terminated. We are already looking for another solution for you.
We can currently only process inquiries if the corresponding original spare part number is indicated.
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Dear customer, In our Online Shop you can order as a private person or as a commercial customer the full range of genuine Daciacar spare parts and accessories. How does the shop work ?


  • Our factory-trained parts managers will be happy to help you find the right part number according to the vehicle identification number (VIN). Please write us an email
  • Look for the right part number by VIN or Model in our Spare Parts Catalog
  • you can also enter the part number directly into the search box here on the left for pricing information and availability.
  • Put the item into the shopping cart, choose a payment method and we will send the items immediately to your address.

Any questions? Your Dacia Team 


Our recommandations

7711419490 Jack Auxillary
Shipping time: ca. 5-7 Working Days
7,24 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
8201441380 Console
Shipping time: ca. 5-7 Working Days
44,95 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Welcome to Dacia Genuine Spare Parts Shop of

Do you need genuine parts for your Dacia? In our online shop, you can order all currently available Dacia spare parts online. You may easily get access to all the available accessories via the Dacia Spare Parts Catalog. We’ll also help you with additional sources such as merchants or colleagues of Classic Parts Dealers and providers of spare parts when needed. We also provide part numbers that have been replaced or are currently cancelled automatically available in the shop. 

We can even get you these considerably outdated replacement parts from the automaker Dacia itself, such as transmissions and engines and fuselage part, motors, clutches and turbocharger or distributor. You get the replacement part for half the price of the new part with the same guarantee from us. So you can really save. 

There are also Dacia spare parts from more than 5 years old vehicles at cheap Economy Price for Promotions from the fields as wear or inspection, for example, discs or brake pads or silencer or starter batteries and shock absorbers, we offer the same quality as the original parts. 

We are happy to supply and deal with& garages or members of car clubs and amateur mechanics especially if you:

  • cannot afford the time or cannot attend the Dacia dealer within the normal opening times during da
  • have the next Dacia dealer too far because the distribution network has been lessened
  • prefer to order Dacia Original spare parts online conveniently and comfortably
  • also are an amateur mechanic, who wants to find a Dacia part
  • want to save money and
  • want to enjoy our special rates for workshops or club members

The Dacia Spare Parts Catalog with Matching Part Numbers in our Online Shop

The opportunity to look for matching Dacia spare parts is unique and fast on the Internet. This takes no time, whereas you had to search for item numbers laboriously from Dacia parts catalog manually. Worse thing is, you have to search for the body parts required and also have to remove them by yourselves and put grease on them. It’s better to find online and clean. The intuitive Dacia spare parts catalog is available online all 24 hours a day which you can browse with a delicious cup of coffee at home. 

A simple tip for easy ordering is Enter the Dacia Part Number in the top left at the search field.  Read the VIN number given of your car from the car registration and enter them also, so the Dacia car part you have ordered fits in your vehicle. The manufacturer sometimes builds different parts from different suppliers in a model series. But you want to install the part that the manufacturer has produced at original factory. As we purchase the Dacia original parts directly from the factory in Romania, you get them right. You can see immediately that the original parts have the Dacia logo on the packaging. 

The Dacia car parts catalog is currently just completed by sharing information with multiple vendors. This doesn’t have the complete Price info online yet. 

Dacia, which belongs to Renault, a Romanian manufacturer, has a range of good quality and cheap models on the market. It supplies us car parts of present and former models regularly from the central warehouse and you get it already in your hands delivered the next day by the transport authority and can incorporate with your beloved car for a better ride. 

We Deliver to All Countries of the EU and EFTA: 

These include not only the well-known countries but countries such as Monaco, the French islands of Guadeloupe and Guyana and Martinique and Reunion too. In addition, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, Cyprus, the Greek part. 

Among EFTA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway and Switzerland etc. 

For private customers German VAT will be calculated, while commercial customers are supplied excluding value added tax. In the EFTA countries we generally deliver without the necessary customs documents.

Overseas customers can change the language of the online store in English. In other translations Google Translator helps. 

Do you need Dacia original parts or accessories, consisting of the Engine parts, fuel and exhaust pipe, cooling system, gearbox, front axle, steering, rear axle, wheels and brakes, body parts, electrical accessories or entertainment accessories? You can find them here in the best original Dacia spare parts quality. We supply at a reasonable price quickly and appropriately. You have made the right choice by coming to us. For further questions, to get suitable Dacia spare parts we are ready to help you at any time via email and by phone.

The Change in the Market of Dacia Replacement Parts

The aftermarket has undergone development in the online sector greatly. For a long time, manufacturers have not focused to supply products to the used car customers, because they had more profit on sale of new vehicles and had set the wrong priorities. The traditional brands have now provided a "Classic Parts Store" for replenishing supplies. The parts Importers remained on the huge market alone with the Aftermarket producers. Now it is at the online store.


The Dacia Parts Catalog is Well-known Everywhere, Always and Online

Finding Dacia spare parts on the internet and ordering online have a different fun factor. You have previously searched with hands and legs on the junkyard for the right part. Today Dacia is fast in the supply of spare parts for DIY enthusiasts as well as for independent garages and parts are assigned simply and without errors. 

The parts we distinguish between: 

·         Genuine Parts with warranty

·         Genuine Dacia replacement parts after preparation and functional test

·         Cost effective and "Economy" section for more than five years old Dacia. Approximately half as much as the original price

Economy parts are wearing parts such as brake pads or silencer or batteries and shock absorbers. There are also vehicle-unspecific parts that are produced as standard parts for the vehicles, but no particular vehicle brand is assigned as hose clamps and bolts and nuts. Here are sometimes vehicle-specific parts to find too.

Search and Find Special Dacia Spare Parts by Part Numbers

All the specific parts for the old cars and all the accessories for them are found here. They still drive on the streets and collectors will treasure their baby as the old timer, classic and other rare parts and models such as: 

·         the Dacia 1100 from the founding years of the late 1960s, a replica of the license Renault 8

·         the Dacia D6, the vans from the 1970s, which is identical to Renault Estafette

·         The Dacia 1300 and 1210 and 1310 and 1410 notchback or vans was produced until early 2000, for almost 35 years

·         The Dacia 2000 from the 1980s, only for state officials, which was identical with Renault 20 

·         Since 2004, the Dacia Logan, the saloon on the platform of the Renault Clio 

·         to the current SUV Dacia Duster, the Van Dacia Lodgy and Dacia Sandero, a compact model from the second generation

Put your Dacia vehicle documents in front of you and enter the VIN. So you can start your online search on the safe side. If you cannot read the Dacia Part Number on the part for the online order, no problem. You can still compare and recognize the part with the catalog image. If you have installed anything new or have converted one of the modules, please contact us, we will help you quickly.

Order / price information:

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