Dear customer, In our Online Shop you can order as a private person or as a commercial customer the full range of genuine Fiatcar spare parts and accessories. How does the shop work ?


  • Our factory-trained parts managers will be happy to help you find the right part number according to the vehicle identification number (VIN). Please write us an email
  • Look for the right part number by VIN or Model in our Spare Parts Catalog
  • you can also enter the part number directly into the search box here on the left for pricing information and availability.
  • Put the item into the shopping cart, choose a payment method and we will send the items immediately to your address.

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Our recommandations

50926898 Set Of Mats
Shipping time: ca. 4-6 Working Days
58,87 EUR
19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
50926899 Set Of Mats
Shipping time: ca. 4-6 Working Days
60,37 EUR
19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
52002327 key cover
Shipping time: ca. 4-6 Working Days
81,23 EUR
19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
50290429 TRUNK
Shipping time: ca. 4-6 Working Days
112,35 EUR
19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
50901727 Pan
Shipping time: ca. 4-6 Working Days
89,41 EUR
19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
50927692 Ornament
Shipping time: ca. 4-6 Working Days
66,48 EUR
19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
50902239 Rudder Bar
Shipping time: ca. 4-6 Working Days
161,53 EUR
19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs

Welcome to the Fiat Genuine Spare Parts Shop of Online-Teile.com

Our up-to-date Fiat Spare Parts are now available for your most convenient way of obtaining them through our Genuine Parts Shop. Fiat spare parts, accessories in reasonable prices, name them; we have them all ready for you. 

In addition to the sources, there are some more dealer colleagues and Classic Parts Dealers, even suppliers of the so-called withdrawn or eliminated (from the market) spare parts, also one way or another, who help to get the right product for you as genuine ones. We provide you the replacement automatically when the part has turned obsolete, thus, unavailable.

More often than not, the manufacturer replacement parts, such as gears, short blocks, partial motors, clutches, turbocharger and distributor, which are then but offered in the same quality as new parts at half the price with, are overtaken. Additionally, there is the same warranty.

Our customers are Workshops or Garages and Members of Clubs and Private owners who:

-          cannot find time during the day to travel and catch up with the normal opening times of the closest Fiat dealership

-          find it inaccessible and time-wasting to travel  a long way for the wanted spare part

-          would like to take special rates, savings and perks- especially for workshops or club members

-          would like to have a wide range of variety for parts options while having some pleasant time ordering online


The Fiat Parts Catalog with product numbers of the spare parts and accessories

The Internet offers the best opportunity to find the car part accurately. Hours spent browsing from cover to cover, through the Fiat parts hardcopy catalogs is undeniably confusing. On the other hand, in our process, Fiat item numbers are no longer necessary. Online, you are not only dealing with a quicker process, also, more flawless and easier means in looking up the intuitive Fiat Parts Catalogue.

Our tip: The order you place in the top left of the search field with the Fiat Part Number complements the chassis number of your car, so that the ordered spare parts fits exactly to your vehicle. Manufacturers often build different model series or parts from other suppliers, but your car needs the Fiat factory-built genuine parts.

We buy our Fiat genuine parts directly from the Fiat factory. The spare parts can be identified as genuine or original with its Fiat logo on the packaging.

The genuine replacement parts are available in the EU countries and the countries of the EFTA:

In addition to the well-known EU countries; Monaco, the French islands of Guadeloupe and Guyana and Martinique and Reunion and Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Cyprus the Greek part.

The EFTA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Individuals have to pay German VAT; however, commercial customers remain exempted from VAT.

The EFTA countries are generally tax-exempt supplies with the necessary customs documents.

Because of so many customers abroad, you have the opportunity to change the language in the online shop in English. The Google Translator provides additional languages.

Do you need Fiat Body parts and accessories in the fields of engine, fuel, exhaust and cooling, transmission and front axle, steering and rear axle, wheels and brakes, leverage, body parts and electrical equipment, accessories and infotainment? Then we have them all in best genuine quality which we can deliver fast at reasonable price. You have made the right choice. We answer more questions like how to get the right Fiat spare parts via e-mail or telephone.


The Fiat Parts Catalog - News and Anytime, Anywhere Online

Today it's much more fun to search for your Fiat Genuine Parts and Fiat spare parts online because ordering has become much easier. Some people used to seek laboriously in the junkyard for "Car parts" and today the supplies for Fiat independent garages are set comfortably and error-free.

All our car parts are distinguished as:

- Genuine parts come with warranty

- Genuine Fiat replacement parts are recycled and functionally tested

- Economy Share for more than five years old vehicles are offered with about half of the original price and are installed by the service partners to completion

These markets include wearing parts such as brake pads or silencer, batteries or shock absorbers. There are also non-specific vehicle parts and standard parts for vehicles which can be assigned to any particular vehicle brand as follows:  hose clamps, screws and nuts. The manufacturers, themselves, sometimes obstruct vehicle-specific parts.


Special Fiat Parts - sought and found by Part Number

The following are mainly extra parts for vintage cars and accessories. There are still Oldies, classic cars and collectibles driven on the streets and got some of them as baby of the collector.  Here is the variety of models from the 50s:

- The vintage Fiat 500 "Topolino" (1950-1955), 600 and 770 (1955-1969)

- 1400 (1950 until 1958)

- 8V (1952-1955)

- In 1900, Campagnola (1952-1958)

- 1100-103 and 1200 (1953 until 1970)

- Nuova 500 Sedan (1957-1977)

- Nuova 500 Giardiniera Combi (1960-1972)

- 1300 and C (1961 to 1966)

- 1500 and C, S, L and Fiat in 1500 and 1600 Convertible (1961-1968)

- 850 N and Coupé and Spider and T and 900 T and E (1964-1981)

- 124, 124 Coupe, 124 Spider (1966 to 1985)

- 125 (1967 until 1972), many other models since 1972:

- 126, 127, 128, X1 / 9, 130, 131, 132, Argenta, 133

- Ritmo, Regata, Panda, Uno, Duna Fiorino, 500 (2007) Croma, Tempra

- Tipo, Cinquecento, Punto, Palio, Siena, Strada, Olyssse, Bravo, Brava, Barchetta

- Stilo, Grande Punto, Punto Evo, Doblo, Ducato

- Novo Uno from 2010, Fiat 500 L from 2012, 500XL from 2013


Order / price information:

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