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  • Our factory-trained parts managers will be happy to help you find the right part number according to the vehicle identification number (VIN). Please write us an email
  • Look for the right part number by VIN or Model in our Spare Parts Catalog
  • you can also enter the part number directly into the search box here on the left for pricing information and availability.
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2592503 Lackstift
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1876829 Sensor
your price 94,56 EUR
1811671 Genuine Ford tire sealant puncture kit
your price 66,16 EUR
147,02 EUR per

Welcome to the Ford original spare parts store at Online-Teile.com

We are an online shop that has everything that the Ford lovers and drivers can only imagine and wish for his beloved vehicle. Our collection is extensive and varied and offers spare parts for all models, regardless of year and series, also special parts, replacement parts and accessories. Here you can put an end to the search for your product successfully. Because if you can not find Ford original parts on our Ford parts catalog  then it becomes really difficult for you to find it anywhere else. We work throughout Germany and beyond the borders of Germany. Here are workshops and Ford production as our contacts, as we take the support of merchants and catalogs from ruling Classic part dealers. Just so we can present the extensive collection that we have for you. But that doesn’t end there. Our products are fed with all useful and necessary information that you need. Our Ford Parts Store does not only finishes a search quickly for a replacement or substitute part, but the purchase with shipping is also rapid and without any problem.

Rebuild? Also with us: Ford replacement parts

We offer an equally extensive range of Ford replacement parts for your model. These have been overhauled and tested by the manufacturer, so that their functionality and quality is like any original spare part in everyway. Whether this is a single part or Short Block Engines. Or whether the Ford clutch needs to be replaced. Also the transmission can be fixed. Similarly this also applies for turbocharger and distributor. The reconditioned replacement parts are unique ... in quality, reliability and price. Here they are sold in a economical and low price. We guarantee this at our car parts shop. The warranty period is actually the same as you would get for a Ford original part.

The Ford Parts Catalogue for original replacement parts and accessories

Our job is to help you to make your lives easier after a long resultless search at scrap yards and in workshops for an exactly matching spare parts. You will know what we mean, when our Ford parts catalog can browse with item numbers comfortably with a cup of tea at the desk. For those who have a stressful and busy workday, our parts store is the right place. Because here you will not have to worry about opening times and inventory. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ... and even longer if you want. We offer products for workshops and Ford-clubs as well as for consumers and hobbyists. Workshops and Club Members may incidentally benefit from our good in special conditions if they wish for. All our products are listed in the Ford car parts catalog. This is a simple and targeted way we can use easily, thanks to modern technology and the wonderful invention of the Internet. What you need is only a few details; Model and Ford part number and you can start the search. And the matching results will be presented. After that you can click on the order button and everything else will happens by itself. The Ford Parts catalog number is important because it provides information on the vehicle model. Not only the model is considered in the number, but also from which production batch it originated and where it was produced is also included. This is necessary because each production series can incorporate different components from different suppliers.... A little thing that must not be forgotten. In combination with the information on the vehicle identification number there may not happen any more confusion. Because we check whether your selected spare parts are actually the same as for their Ford model. Finally, you want to be back sitting in your car and roam the streets soon, rather than getting angry over a wrong spare parts, sending back and re waiting. Incidentally, we ask for the body or chassis number when we ask for the KBA or key number. If one doesn’t have such information at hand, you can also work through our search option. Here help our predefined and preset selection to work from coarse to fine and detailed search results. For an example,  a search can be starting with the body style or model. Finally, limits the results on the year of manufacture. Then further information may be specified for engine displacement. An absolute advantage of our search is the way in which you can modify the search even if you have already installed a non genuine parts from Ford in the car. Because of this case, the KBA number associated with spare parts are not always absolutely matching.

Your Ford is too old? No problem, buy parts with the Ford Economy Section

In the Economy category you will find all Ford parts that have exceeded the age of five years. Ford provides the production of spare parts for its models after five years. But a car of the same brand is as good as new even after five years.

But if the car is reconditioned, it may be difficult to get to the necessary spare parts. But not when you browse our Economy category, search and find them. Because here we prepare all those Ford parts for you that are of models older than five years. We get this Ford original parts from the inspection and wear range. These parts are all overhauled and checked with the usual safety requirements. Such parts include even those don’t having necessary specifications of brand and series. Just as starter batteries, brake pads and discs, shock absorber and silencer.

For questions, uncertainties and general

... Our competent and experienced service team takes care of your concerns and queries. If you are not sure what to accurately seek and order, you can even contact us anytime via email and telephone. In support there are photos and drawings of the part to be replaced that are sometimes helpful. So the right replacement part can be more easily identified and our customer support team has a great skill and knowledge for your guidance. But it usually does not have to be so complicated. With us you find your items whether with or without our support. Because our Ford Parts catalog is extensive and almost complete.


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Caliper Assy - Brake - Less Pads
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