Dear customer, In our Online Shop you can order as a private person or as a commercial customer the full range of genuine Opel car spare parts and accessories. How does the shop work ?

  • Look for the right part number by VIN or Model in our free Spare Parts Catalog
  • Or you enter the part number directly into the search box here on the left for pricing information and availability.
  • Put the item into the shopping cart, choose a payment method and we will send the items immediately to your address.

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Welcome to the Opel original spare parts store at Online-Teile.com

In our online Opel Parts Store, you can find all the necessary spare parts and accessories for sale which are perfectly suitable for your car. Order your needs conveniently from the Opel Parts Catalog. To collect the spare parts for your very special Opel, we also need to have additional resources. Tell us about your needs and we’ll ask around for your product to fellow dealers, classic-parts dealers or providers of omission-parts. This way we are pleased to meet your requirements by delivering Opel replacement parts which are not supplied by the manufacturer anymore. But those are just like any new one with the same quality and we  provide them at half of the price with full guarantee so that it is not very expensive for you. Maintain your own Opel even with the cheap car parts and keep your car well serviced before he leaves you completely. We provide the advantage of taking helpful tips and interesting activities that may help you to save even more in the repair of your favorite model. Simply enter your vehicle or the key number and you can order the correct Opel spare parts.
Our target groups are: workshops, members of Opel Clubs and hobbyist mechanics. Our Online Opel Parts Store is exactly the right choice for you:
-        If you do not have time to go within the limited opening hours to your Opel dealer
-        If you need to take a long journey to the Opel dealers to buy something
-        If you would like to order original spare parts anytime online
-        If you want to come as a hobbyist mechanic once for an Opel part
-        If you would like to have special rates for workshops and Club Member benefits.

The Opel parts catalog with part numbers for spare parts, replacement parts and accessories

The search for the Opel auto parts is a perfect option in order to find a matching product you need. So it saves you from browsing Opel catalogs by hand and by rummaging of item numbers, which will take a lot of time. You also need to look at the junkyard for the required body part of Opel. Now it is no longer a problem to find it online, with a cup of tea and the virtual Opel Parts Catalogue. We only supply Opel genuine parts that we purchase from the Opel manufacturing plant. These original parts are identified by the Opel logo on the packaging. In Opel car parts catalog, see that:
1. To meet the Original parts of Opel with highest standards and durability, we have products with perfect driving properties and are matched with the design of your Opel model. High performance and reliability are also guaranteed. There are always a very strict testing according to specifications running continuously.
2. We also offer high-quality Original replacement parts from Opel at reasonable prices. You can get it in the usual quality of the original parts of the Opel brand and you may still enjoy it. The newly worked components meet all standards related to technology and the designs are also same as the new ones. There is also the liability for defects as we can get even with new parts. It is possible in our shop to search, watch and order original Opel parts online by part numbers, which is very easy to carry out and of course, more convenient and faster than ever before. At Opel we are always ready to supply the required spare parts even to the hobbyist mechanics and independent repair shops.

Search Special Opel spare parts with part number

In addition to all vehicle parts that are responsible for driving a car, there are also very specific parts, specially made for classic cars and having a rich collection of accessories. Even rim and key, you can not find them in our online catalog. To be 100% sure you need to read the VIN in the vehicle documents and write it in the search option. This refers to the KBA number or key number. But you can also get to the destination by searching for car model. You can customize your search according to a built-in part, which may differ from original parts. As special assistance, we have provided you with detailed pictures of all available Opel car parts, which is better than any description for many of you (a picture is worth a thousand words). So you can determine more easily if the part is right while choosing out from the Opel spare parts catalog. If you find the product during your search in our system, then the desired part is in stock and will be shipped quickly. Unfortunately if it is not there, then a waiting period must be allowed. You can then proceed as in any online shop and go to the basket for “checkout”. Now enter your name, address and the payment method. We supply Opel spare parts in EU countries. Since we also have many foreign customers, you can order in our shop also in English. If you are looking for Opel genuine parts and accessories which are inexpensive and can be delivered quickly, here you will find everything you need. We answer your questions via email and also available to take your calls.

Problems with duplicates in Traffic safety and Technical Control Board?

Poor Opel car parts can adversely affect the appearance and functionality of your vehicle and damages its traffic safety significantly. If it does not exactly match the qualities and has impaired functionality, it may happen that you will not get the inspection sticker at the next General Inspection. In case of the parts which are necessary for the safety of your Opel, always buy only original running Opel parts that you get here with us. These products doesn’t only protect the occupants, but also offers your and the passengers’ safety. Moreover you face no problems at Technical Control Board and come through every trial.
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