Subaru Exchange parts. The economic alternative.

Please send us the old part within 7 days with the complete exchange form. Since we have to send the part to the manufacturer in the original box, we ask you to send us the part back in the package sent to you. Please clean the old part, put it into the original box and send it in our packing back to us.

The old parts must not show any damages, which are not caused by the operation of the replacement part (example: separate drive shafts with the flex in the middle of the shaft, etc.), otherwise we can not refund the deposit exchange. Furthermore, it may be especially at electrical replacement parts that the old number must match the new number (example: retrofitting of instrument clusters), if it does not, a refund of the deposit exchange is also not possible. If in doubt, send us an e-mail – we will be glad to help you!

Please send us back the product within a 14 working days time limit after the order. Shipping costs for non-prepaid packages will go at your expense.

Revocation. If the part does not fit.

Dear  Private Customer, if you are once not satisfied with the delivered product or have ordered the wrong product, we will gladly take your order back according to the revocation conditions.

Please ( no duty )  report to the cancellation as described to us, fill up the revocation form and put a copy of the invoice into the package. 

Please ( no duty ) inform us about the cancellation as soon as possible, so that we can return the parts within our deadline to the manufacturer.

Please always care for an adequate packaging In order to avoid damage in transit, we strongly recommend using the package we sent you. We are not liable for damage, due to insufficient packaging. 

We will refund the purchase price paid by you immediately upon receipt of the goods and an inspection of the goods by the manufacturer.

Warranty. No ifs and buts.  

Please report your claims due to a defect of the product by mail

Please send the part with the filled in
warranty form to the following address:

Autohaus Mahler GmbH
Weibert-Mahler-Str. 1
78120 Furtwangen 

Your Subaru Parts Team