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in our online shop you can order the full range of genuine Smart car parts and accessoires as a private person or as a commercial customer.

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A2228204901 Electrical Cable

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your price 19,50 EUR

( plus 19 % VAT excl. Shipping costs )

Shipping time: ca. 3-4 Days

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your price 19,84 EUR

( plus 19 % VAT excl. Shipping costs )

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A0009820921 Battery Charger

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your price 81,88 EUR

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A4538201300 Fixture


your price 96,50 EUR

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Shipping time: ca. 3-4 Days

Welcome to Smart Genuine Spare Parts Shop of Online-Teile.com

We suggest you to order Smart Original Parts over the Internet- it is beyond easy. We provide you with all available Smart parts for your car, as well as the corresponding original accessories in our online shop. Enjoy the advantage of being able to order all products conveniently, where you don´t have to leave the house. You can use our Smart Parts Catalogue, to acquire the matching spare parts that you need.

Here, there is also equal to the next benefit for you as you shop online, you will save not only time but also money. You get all the smart replacement parts at a very good and fair price, whether it should be the transmission, new brakes, new clutch or another. You can always rely on the best quality of all parts, whether it comes to the shock absorber to the battery or more.

For whom the Smart Parts Shop is useful?

Feel addressed by us, all wrenches and tuners who like to privately work on their Smart and even want this to happen quick and of course, beautiful. Likewise, we also turn to workshops and car clubs, who appreciate the good prices and who only use original parts from Smart itself. If you have no neither the time nor the inclination to look for a dealer in the area, you are exactly right with us. After all, it is so that you will not always necessarily find such dealers in the city. So if you want to save long ways, we are more than happy to connect you with our Smart online shop. Whenever you need Smart Body parts, we are accessible. The opening times in the Internet are round the clock, thus, you will be able to save a lot of time here. The best way to get to know and convince you of our good offers is because we offer all buyers good special rates, otherwise just get the workshop.

The Intuitive Smart Parts Catalog with part numbers

To make shopping easier, we also of course offer the Smart Parts SKU catalog directly at the store. For this you can use the easy search with us and find everything divided into categories, so you need never long time to find an original Smart Replacement. You no longer need to visit to a scrap dealer; you do not have on various car dealers or private persons, in the hope that the three to selling spare parts fits your requirements. With us sit back comfortably, whether on the couch, on the chair or even in bed, browse the Smart Parts catalog and go quite comfortable online shopping.

Plain and simple- use the part number of the determined Smart spare part or accessory and look this over our search. Immediately, you will receive search results and can run with just a few clicks to order.

You can also enjoy working with the chassis number of your Smart; to be sure, you can actually order the correct original smart parts. It would be annoying if you ordered something and then realizing that this is intended for a different model. With us you cannot experience such

The Smart Shop with certain Advantages

Let us say that we are working relatively and directly with most parts, which is of course even more safety for our customers. Because you would like to know where the Smart Parts come and that you only get the best quality. We are equally supplied by the bearing of the work and, whenever we need to replenish our inventory. We ensure that our bearings are well filled, so that the delivery can be automatically processed. With luck ordered today your goods and can already after 1-2 days hold in your hands. Until then, however, you can still enjoy some anticipation.

Of course we supply you throughout Germany and also like in the EU. Countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece and more, can then be supplied by us with the matching Smart Share. If you have any questions about shipping, please contact us and we will be happy to answer.

Of course we are also here for you if you have any questions about the Smart spare parts from our online shop. Is something unclear with regard to the steering? Just ask us. Otherwise, take advantage of our good prices for brakes, for coupling, for the mature, for the electrical components, for cooling and more. Our online shop is exciting. It has never been so easy like this to turn to Smart accessories and spare parts purchase. You can view the matching products, seek advance and order online. So does the shopping guarantee more pleasure than having to get their hands dirty in a junkyard? To luck, there are Smart models with enough spare parts, so you still can have fun, this change itself.

Explore for yourself with us at and make yourself a picture of our online shop. To see for you which original parts for the Smart we have to offer. You will also find here and there small gifts, such as a shirt, a moneybox or more. However, this will not always be giving in our online shop, because it is only to perform certain actions. The original spare parts there are of course always, throughout the year.

In particular, the wear parts you need often times, including just include brake pads and you always find with us. We're working hard to bring all spare parts and components for the Smart, the products are still so special. Because you are with us, because you are looking for something and you will also find.

It does not matter which model you drive smart, whether the smart for two, the smart K, the Crossblade, Roadster or another. Whether it is more of classic cars or maybe even a little bit of an oldtimer, we carry all spare parts in stock and will ensure that your car can shine in a new splendor. Finally, we also offer our customers a wide variety of wheels to choose from, so in your automobile has the whole picture.

Now we would like to wish a lot of joy to our shop. You will be sure excited about our offers and the ordering process!


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