Dear customer, In our Online Shop you can order as a private person or as a commercial customer the full range of genuine Mitsubishi car spare parts and accessories. How does the shop work ?

  • Look for the right part number by VIN or Model in our free Spare Parts Catalog
  • Or you enter the part number directly into the search box here on the left for pricing information and availability.
  • Put the item into the shopping cart, choose a payment method and we will send the items immediately to your address.

We really try to get every part you order. Even if the part is officially no more availiable, we ask all our German colleagues about their stock. In such cases, longer delivery times and additional costs may occur. Only when we realize that we can no longer offer the part, we mark it in the shop as " no more availiable ".
questions? Your Mitsubishi Team 

Our recommandations

MME50417 Car Mug
Shipping time: ca. 2-5 Working Days
8,17 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
MME50085 Safety Vest
Shipping time: ca. 2-5 Working Days
4,57 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
MZ314708 Genuine Spare Part
Shipping time: ca. 2-5 Working Days
513,52 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Welcome to the Mitsubishi Genuine Spare Parts Shop of Online-Teile.com

Our online shop offers a collection of all currently available Mitsubishi parts and accessories that can be identified easily and clearly from the Mitsubishi parts catalog. Furthermore, our range includes car parts from other sources such as independent auto dealers and junkyards.

Moreover, you also get information about part numbers which are superseded and no longer available on the market and continue as a cheap alternative to new parts by the manufacturer at half the price that are qualitatively the same. These high quality items are available in our shop for sale with same guarantees for you.

You might also be interested in our extremely affordable product range of wear parts for vehicles from more than five years old models, which fall within the inspection area at Technical inspection.

For this purpose, see Mitsubishi parts such as brake discs and pads, shock absorber, silencer, starter, batteries etc. as Mitsubishi Economy parts in our online shop. 

Do you run a workshop? Are you a member of a Mitsubishi club or hobbyist mechanic? Due to lack of time or long distance finding no opportunity to consult a Mitsubishi dealer and want as an individual to have the opportunity to complain about acquired parts? Then you can now benefit from our Mitsubishi Online Store and our special offers for workshops and club members available around the clock.

Our Range of Genuine Mitsubishi Replacement Parts 

The Internet as a search engine offers many benefits to find your desired Mitsubishi accessories and spare part fast and efficiently. Give up hours of crawling through a Mitsubishi parts catalog or lists of Car Recycling parts. By easily and simply entering the relevant Mitsubishi Part Number and the chassis number of your vehicle in the search box, you can accurately reach your desired product for supply immediately. 

Our offer is entirely for ​​Mitsubishi genuine parts that come directly from the manufacturing plant and are characterized by the Mitsubishi logo on the packaging. To provide you with the entire Mitsubishi parts catalog with a full price list sooner, we are working with various relevant parts dealers. 

We deliver our product parts in all EU and EFTA countries (this includes Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France with Monaco and Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Reunion, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands , Austria, Portugal with Madeira and the Azores, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Balearic and Canary Islands, UK (United Kingdom) with Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Estonia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia , Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus). For private customers, German VAT will be calculated, while commercial customers are supplied excluding value added tax. Deliveries in the EFTA countries like Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are made ​​after the submission of the required documents without calculation of taxes for handling customs. 

If you order from abroad, you can simply translate our website by a mouse click using the Google Translator in the language of your choice. 

If you decide to purchase original spare parts and accessories from Mitsubishi of inexpensive price and with a short delivery time, you can order in our Mitsubishi parts shop. We offer the full range of standard parts in the categories of engine, fuel, exhaust, cooling system, transmission, front axle, steering, rear axle, wheels, brakes, leverage, body parts, electrical accessories and infotainment. If any question remains respect to our online shop, we are available by telephone or by mail. 

For a long time, the new vehicle sale was in the focus of the manufacturer. It could be for well-known car brands and to establish by a spare part market on the internet. This was initially determined by mainly aftermarket producers and parts importers, until it came to a rethinking of the renowned manufacturers, which significantly increased with their original parts since the qualitative standard of the online service for both the increasing demand of private clients as well as auto clubs and repairers.

Our Online Mitsubishi Spare Parts Catalog - Round the clock Available for You

The Mitsubishi online parts catalog has divided the selection into several categories which differ in terms of price levels and warranty. Firstly if you decide on a reconditioned original part to purchase from us that ensures two-year warranty.

The same offer is valid for already used parts that have been recycled from the factory and undergo rigorous usability tests to be sold again at a cheaper price. See also our range of so-called economy-parts which are specifically designed for cars that are older than the age of five years and are at an especially favorable tariff for sale. This category includes all wearing parts such as horns and shock absorbers, brake components and batteries. Furthermore, a distinctive standard parts such as screws, nuts and hose clamps, which however may be subject of this grid and especially from Mitsubishi can be provided with a substandard profile.  

Whether you prefer the practical Space Star, the comfortable Lancer or the roomy ASX, the matching Mitsubishi replacement parts can be found for each model in our online shop. Our extensive inventory includes parts from Mitsubishi SUVs like the Outlander, Pajero and L200 to all accessories for the hybrid car range in the form of Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Outlander hybrid, the whole range of the Mitsubishi. 

Online Searching for Your Desired Mitsubishi Product:

The easiest way to find your desired model is to entering the vehicle identification number contained in the vehicle documents or KBA key number in the search box. More details as model identification, body style, engine capacity and year of production limit the model accurately. However in the event that you have already built a deviant from the original series component in your car, the search algorithms may not produce the desired result if you do not adjust the details of the retrofitted vehicle part.

More Tips for shopping from our Mitsubishi Parts Shop

Another help in finding your desired car part is provided with detailed drawings, by which you can identify matching object even better than with the mere coincidence of the search parameters.

After you have finally found your required spare parts, you will see at a glance whether the product is listed in the stock or currently out of stock. If it’s not in the stock then it is to be expected that it’ll be available after the shortest possible waiting time. Add your desired components in one push to the shopping cart and finally give your details into the name, address and payment method options to successfully handle your purchase. For further questions and suggestions to our Mitsubishi Genuine Parts Store our customer service is available by email or telephone advice during business hours.





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